Credit Card Consent Statement


By completing this form, I, the individual identified in the credit card information section above, authorize the agent or travel agency providing this form on this website or by email or their authorized representative to charge my credit card listed on this document. I understand all the terms and conditions of this booking and agree to the terms and conditions made available for this travel arrangement, including all cancellation policies. I understand and agree that travel arrangements may be subject to non-refundable cancellation penalties. I agree to carefully read all emails between StarGaze Vacations and myself and note all applicable restrictions. I further understand that as part of StarGaze Vacations' travel services, the travel agency or travel agent recommends that all travelers purchase some form of travel insurance to help protect their travel investment. I, the cardholder named above or authorized representative, certify that the information provided on this form is true and correct. I am allowed to effect charges on the credit card number provided. I agree that if there is a discrepancy to my credit card account, I will notify StarGaze Vacations accounting department or the booking travel agent within seven (7) business days of receiving the credit card statement or immediately upon knowledge of such error.


By completing this form and as the cardholder named above, I am extending this authorization to include authorizations made by me either verbally, via direct text messages, or by email for 5 days from today's date for current or new purchases for my vacation made by StarGaze Vacations' travel advisors.


If you use a debit card with a daily spending limit, you must contact your bank to permit them to authorize the transaction. If they require the vendor's name and you need to figure out who that is, please call StarGaze Vacations at 1-844-782-7429.

TERMS OF SERVICE: You can view StarGaze Vacations' terms of service at
PRIVACY POLICY: You can view StarGaze Vacations' at

Disclosure of Full Fares and Ancillary Fees

For both domestic and international markets, carriers must provide disclosure of the full price to be paid, including government taxes/fees as well as carrier surcharges, in their advertising, on their websites and on the passenger's e-ticket confirmation. In addition, carriers must disclose all fees for optional services through a prominent link on their homepage, and must include information on e-ticket confirmations about the free baggage allowance and applicable fees for the first and second checked bag and carry-on. Information provided by the US Department of Transportation at

Airfare, Airline, or Air Ticket Client Acknowledgment

As the client or customer receiving StarGaze Vacations travel agent services, you agree to the airline's airfare rules, fees, and restrictions. Furthermore, you understand that the airfare rules, fees, and restrictions are available to review before purchasing the airline ticket(s) at the airline's website or on the e-ticket confirmation after receiving the airline confirmation number(s). Finally, you have 18 hours from the processed purchase transaction time to call StarGaze Vacations at 1-844-782-7429 and cancel airline tickets without penalty fees from our travel agency. However, you are subjected to the policies of the airlines and any third-party vendor's cancelation fees. StarGaze Vacations travel agent and third-party vendor's administrative fees are non-refundable. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call a travel agent at StarGaze Vacations to discuss the Airfare, Airline, or Air Ticket Client Acknowledgment.

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