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Travelers Must Have Proper Travel Documents

*The Cuban government REQUIRES ANYONE who is traveling to Cuba on a passport book other than a valid Cuban passport book to obtain a VISA PRIOR to their arrival into Cuba. 

US and Canadian Passport Book holders require a visa to enter the countries listed below. Norwegian Cruise Line will obtain visas on your behalf. The cost is $75 per person and will be charged to your final account total.

Each person MUST have a PASSPORT BOOK plus the Cuba Visa for this Cuba cruise. Passport cards are not accepted for this cruise.

**If you were born in Cuba please call the travel agent at 1-844-782-7429 for additional information on booking requirements. 


For international travel, excluding cruises that begin at and return to the same U.S. port, U.S. CITIZENS MUST HAVE A VALID PASSPORT. For cruises that begin at and return to the same U.S. port, U.S. CITIZENS must have a VALID PASSPORT or original certified birth certificate w/raised seal and photo ID. NON-U.S. CITIZENS and RESIDENT ALIENS should contact their respective embassies and U.S. Immigration for applicable regulations.

*Visa and Passport Book required.

Name Changes for Cruise, Air, Land and Other Add-ons*

Name revisions or substitutions are not permitted without the approval of Norwegian. All name revisions or substitutions are considered reservation cancellations and new booking and regular cancellation fees apply. If Norwegian approves a name revision or substitution, such change will be subject to a cancellation fee in accordance with the Cancellation Policy set forth in Table C. *Add-on charges include all other charges, beyond cruise, air, and land price.

Norwegian Cruise Line Cuba Travel FAQs Page - Click Link Below -

Common questions for traveling to Cuba:

  • Service Dogs are allowed if all documentation requirements are met. Customs official clearance is required to debark.
  • There are no curfews that apply to passengers in Cuba.
  • There are no restrictions on passengers staying overnight in Cuba with their families.
  • Cubans are prohibited from visiting the ship.
  • Vaccinations are not required, but there are some recommended.  Guests should consult with their personal physician.
  • Guests can take 'care packages (or gusanos)" to their families in Cuba. Guests will need to clear Cuban customs including completing the applicable forms and paying the applicable fees.
  • Guest can legally bring in Cuban cigars and Cuban liquor.
  • Canadian Dollar and Euros are accepted in Cuba. US Dollar is not accepted in Cuba. 

OFAC Requirement:

OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) regulates travel to Cuba pursuant to the Helms-Burton Act and other pertinent regulations. Currently, there are 12 categories of authorized travel to Cuba. Effective November 9, 2017, individual people-to-people exchanges are no longer authorized by OFAC. However, guests who booked their cruise before June 16, 2017, may choose to still engage in individual people-to-people travel or group people-to-people travel sponsored by Norwegian or a third party U.S. sponsoring organization. Group people-to-people travel is one of the ways for Americans to visit Cuba and gives you an opportunity to discover Cuba through its people and from a local perspective. All guests will be required to certify that their activities meet the requirements above, so you must retain records of your activities whether or not they are offered by Norwegian for a period of 5 years. For additional information on group people-to-people exchanges, please refer to FAQ "What is a group people-to-people exchange?".

OFAC Certification Process:

All guests must complete a certification form which sets forth and confirms that they will be participating in OFAC-compliant activities. Click here to link to the OFAC certification form. One per guest.
To expedite the boarding process, certification must be received by Norwegian no later than 3 days prior to the departure date. Guests can still fill out the form at the pier.
All guests will be certifying which means that they are solely responsible for arranging a full-time schedule of OFAC-compliant activities, as explained above. These activities may include excursions provided by Norwegian or another U.S sponsoring organization.
All travelers to Cuba must be able to prove that their trip was comprised of OFAC-compliant activities. Guests should keep a log of their activities and keep the log for 5 years. Guests may also request that Norwegian keep a record of their itinerary and shore excursion activity if Norwegian is the U.S. sponsoring organization providing any group people-to-people exchanges to the guest.

Click here for the FAQs issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury that cover many of the questions directly related to regulations regarding travel to Cuba.