Travel Guard Voucher and Refund Form

Submit AIG Travel Guard COVID-19 Voucher and Refund Form

Please review your Travel Guard policy for details.

Your AIG Travel Guard policy came with a "15 Day Look" which allowed for a refund of the purchase.

If you are beyond the "15 Day Look" of the purchase date of your policy you can apply for a "Voucher" equal to the amount of your original purchase. The "Voucher" is good for 2 years and can be used with any other travel or vacation plans.

Click the AIG button below to submit for your Voucher or Refund. 

Items you will need when completing the form;

  1. Travel Guard Policy Number
  2. Trip Departure Date
  3. First and Last Name of the Insured Member
  4. Email Address to Electronically Recieve the Voucher
  5. Reason for Cancellation

Your AIG Travel Guard Policy is located in your StarGaze Vacations Portal.
If you have not registered your Stargaze Vacations Client Portal send a request access email to